Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pictures of her

I'm attempting to become a better photographer. Don't laugh.  I recently invested in a pretty nice camera plus a "here's how you use this you moron" book to go with it.  I use Elle as a practice model a lot because a) she's always willing to have her picture taken and b) she's the most gorgeous child on the face of the planet c)she works for Tootsie Rolls.

Here are a few of the pictures I've taken of her recently.  I think my practice is slowly starting to pay off.

Obviously I did a little photo-shopping on these.  I have a nice photoshop program but all of these were done with Picnik.  It's easy and you can get some neat results pretty quickly.  They have a free version but the paid version is not that expensive and really, really worth it.  (I was not paid to write this, I'm sharing because I really like the site.)