Monday, May 24, 2010

Beany builds a table!

Do you covet Pottery Barn furniture? Of course you do! Everyone does! That's why they're able to charge so much for their products. Did you know that if you have a little time, a little work space and a little self confidence you can build your own Pottery Barn knock-offs for way cheaper than you can buy them? Seriously! Ana at Knock-Off Wood can show you how.

I admit that I myself am a little intimidated by building my own furniture because I once nearly severed my little toe while using an electric drill. Don't ask. You know who's not intimidated though? My aunt Dorene. You can call her Beany because that's what I call her. That's what everyone in my family calls her and I think I was like 14 before I realized that wasn't her real name.

But I digress. Beany is crafty and awesome and brave and took on one of the projects on Knock-Off Wood. She made this lovely table. From Beany:

This isn't a step by step tutorial, but Ana from Knock-Off Wood does that so well it seems silly to re-do it. I will tell you that we are definitely amateurs when it comes to furniture building and we are so pleased with the results. The only change we made to her plans was adding a second board at the bottom. And we only did that because we cut an extra. Although I do like how it turned out. If you haven't checked out this amazing site yet, get going!
See?  It looks all professional and whatnot.  She said it cost about $30 to build and that's a heck of a lot cheaper than you could get it for at Pottery Barn.

Clearly Beany rocks because she managed to a) build something b) take a picture of it c) write something about it.  This is why I'll be having Beany guest post sometimes on Problem Girl Creates.  In fact, she might be doing all the posting here as I'll be busy with my new blog, Problem Girl Delegates.  So be nice to Beany!  Otherwise she'll come to your house and ... build you a table.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Steph said...

I just built this, too!! Check mine out at the bottom of this post:

I can't wait to try the coffee table next! :)

You've also got a new follower :)